Give your Day a Healthy begin

Breakfast is taken into account to be the foremost vital meal of the day. several studies have prompt that skipping the primary meal of the day will have adverse effects on our body. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of our lives, having a correct breakfast on time becomes nearly not possible.
Here area unit few fast breakfast recipes that provide you with complete nourishment and don’t consume a lot of of some time.

Citrus Berry Smoothie

This smoothie may be a whole meal in itself. crammed with the nourishment of berries and oranges, this smoothie may be a nice supply of carbohydrates and powerful antioxidants that assist you stay charged up all day long.


A bowl packed with cereals is sweet supply of fiber for you. you’ll be able to add low-fat dairy product rather than milk and add berries and bananas as topping to your healthy breakfast.

Fruit dish

Each morning whereas you struggle to form it on time to the workplace, it becomes quite troublesome to extract time and cook one thing recent. So, this is often once salad involves your rescue. you’ll be able to cut your favorite fruits ANd store them within the white goods in an air tight instrumentation. within the morning, all you’ve got to try to to is awaken and grab the bowl and eat whereas playing your tasks at the same time.

Cheese Toast

Filling a slice of cheese between 2 slices of bread will be the simplest and fastest you’ll be able to waste the morning. place the sandwich within the toaster whereas you make preparations for the day. Grab the sandwich and you’ll be able to have it on your manner.

Scrambled Eggs

Mix 2 eggs with sliced and cooked onions and add spices in step with your style. Stir the mixture for some of minutes. Your victuals and mineral made breakfast is prepared.


Take sprouts and add finely sliced onions and a splash of juice. combine it properly and you’re prepared together with your daily dose of nourishment.


This fast instruction can assist you save plenty of your time and fulfill your nutritionary needs for the day. simply add some poha to cooked onion and add spices in step with style. Let it cook for jiffy and you’re prepared with a healthy breakfast.

Vegetable Sandwich

Place sliced tomatoes, cucumber, onions and a slice of cheese in between 2 slices of bread and you’re prepared with a healthy breakfast that you’ll be able to have whereas driving.

Cheese dish

Add some freshly cut onions, tomatoes and cheese to 2 eggs and create a fine batter. unfold the mixture during a cooking pan and cook it from each the edges and you’re finished your breakfast.


If you’re bored of getting an equivalent previous boring breakfast, do this and add some zing to the primary meal of your day. Take a slice of bread and sauté during a pan. Once it becomes golden brown, cut a hole in its middle ANd fill it with an egg. Cook the bread from each the edges.


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