Summers while not Mangoes – It simply does not Feel Right!

Their juicy, sweet perfumed flesh is unbeatable once eaten up at temperature. If there ever are a contest that fruit is that the smell + style of summers, mango are a transparent winner. Plus, mangoes square measure dedicated for u; they need loads of enzymes that clear your skin, square measure packed with vitamin A + C, that boost your immunity, and analysis even shows that mangoes stop cancer. What’s higher than a mango on a hot summer’s day? the general public would say nothing…WRONG! however concerning deliciously refreshing ice- cold mango drinks?! currently we’re talking!

Mango-Peach Smoothie

Put peaches, mango, soy milk, and fruit crush into a mixer. Cover, and puree till sleek. Pour into glasses to serve. As easy as that!

Mango Lassi

Blend along ½ contemporary mango, one packet mango dairy product, a hundred and twenty millilitre mango puree, forty five millilitre syrup and a hundred millilitre milk with half-dozen cubes of ice. Serve in a very drinking glass and garnish with mango wedges.
Mango tea

Fill Pilsner with ice and pour within the syrup. combine the mango puree and mango juice well in a very shaker. Pour slowly within the glass therefore because it floats on the syrup. Slowly pour the tea and serve it with a garnish of mint sprig.

Mango edible fruit Smoothie

Blend one hundred seventy g original yoghurt, twenty millilitre edible fruit puree, two hundred g cut alphonso mango items, half-dozen ice cubes, and twenty millilitre non-fat milk together; supermolecule powder is nonmandatory for health aware individuals.

Mango shake

Remove the skin and cut the mango into items. in a very mixer/blender add mango items, cardamom seeds, sugar and one cup of milk and mix into a sleek puree. Check the sweetness and if required add further sugar. Add another one cup milk and vanilla/mango frozen dessert and run once more to the required consistency. Add additional milk if you would like a skinny shake and conjointly alter the sugar consequently.

Mango Slush

Just before serving, place within the blender- one giant ripe mango turn over cubes, a pair of teaspoons ginger juice, a pair of tablespoons juice, three tablespoon sugar, 3 cups ice,zest from one lime for garnishing. method these ingredients at high speed till it’s crushed and sleek. don’t soften all the ice as Mango Slush is additional pleasurable with countless crushed ice.

Mango Panna

Wash and boil raw mangoes; allow them to cool. Peel, mash and strain their pulp. To it, add cumin powder, crushed peppercorns, black salt, asafetida and sugar. combine well until sugar is dissolved. Stir well and serve.


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